Dead Solid Pluperfect

A Hot Buttered Guff™ Production

Cast of Villains

Cast of Villains

Jim Sterken. Co-owner and CEO of Arbortext. The mastermind behind The Rape of Blueberry.

Kevin Dwan. Erstwhile partner in Blueberry. Subsequently removed by Court Order.

Jim Haggarty. CIO and acting CFO of Arbortext.

Cheri Van Allen. Controller at Arbortext.

Dave Peralta. CFO who succeeded Jim Haggarty in this role.

Ray Schiavone. CEO who succeeded Jim Sterken in this role.

Joyce Svechota. Director of Product Management, preparer and editor of fraudulent royalty reports.

Dick Blair. Court appointed Receiver who attempted to sabotage Blueberry’s efforts to audit Arbortext, and delayed the audit by nearly a year.

Mark A. Robinson. Plante Moran auditor who covered up the Arbortext fraudulent bookkeeping.

Kathryn J. Humphrey. Michigan arbitrator who covered up the Arbortext fraud, allowing them to escape punishment and accountability, by simply dismissing the case and refusing to arbitrate it!

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