Dead Solid Pluperfect

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Here’s what Steve Beigel, hereafter known as I or Me, looks like when spoiling a perfectly fine photo of a scenic landscape. It has been noted by some that this fairly accurately encapsulates my contribution to the general welfare of the society I have stumbled my way through for oh so many years. My accomplishments in life might generously be described by a thesis entitled “Haphazard Noggin Along the Roadside.” The generous part would be the word “Noggin.”

I was born in 1946, reached maturity in California, graduated from Loyola Marymount University with a Bachelor of Arts in English, and subsequently began my odyssey through life on the road less traveled. I’ve been a magazine owner/editor, a nightclub owner/manager, a homeless bum, an unpublished novelist, and a variety of other marginal enterprises other than the software owner/engineer I eventually settled on to feed my face and provide modest dwelling accommodations for myself, and eventually, my wife and six step-children.

The photo above was taken in 2001, when I was fifty-five. All photos of me after this date have mysteriously disappeared. I suspect the Homeland Security forces have absconded with them, but at this point that is mere conjecture. The story featured here of the unethical scoundrels of Arbortext is not.

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My years in the software industry also provide the backdrop for my novel Skeletons and Keys, a wickedly humorous story of love, tragedy, betrayal, and revenge. It is featured at
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