Dead Solid Pluperfect

A Hot Buttered Guff™ Production

Table Of Contents

The Rape of Blueberry

A True Story About the Gang of Crooks
At Arbortext, Incorporated
And the Cover Up by Plante Moran

Just Another Story Of Corporate Crime In America
(Contains thirty-two Evidentiary Exhibits & Court Documents)

Steve Beigel
Copyright 2008 by Steve Beigel
All Rights Reserved



Chapter One: The Toad Ride Begins

Chapter Two: The Bonehead Factor

Chapter Three: Prosperity Beckons

Chapter Four: The Attempted Coup

Chapter Five: Something Stinky In Rottenburg

Chapter Six: The Cover Up Begins

Chapter Seven: The “Preposterous” Missing Sales

Chapter Eight: First Evidentiary Exhibits of Fraud

Chapter Nine: A Spiritual Booster Shot

Chapter Ten: The Disappearance of $4,000,000

Chapter Eleven: The Return of Count Dweeble

Chapter Twelve: Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It’s Off To Court We Go

Chapter Thirteen: In Your Face, Blueberry: LOL, Jim Sterken

Chapter Fourteen: Crime Marches On

Chapter Fifteen: Tit For Tat

Chapter Sixteen: “This Is No Enron”

Chapter Seventeen: High Noon, Pardner

Chapter Eighteen: The Fat Finger Fizzles

Chapter Nineteen: The Telltale Tape

Chapter Twenty: Meet Mr. Dickster

Chapter Twenty-One: Scroobling and Blurking

Chapter Twenty-Two: The Cab Ride Begins

Chapter Twenty-Three: Saved From Myself

Chapter Twenty-Four: Ten Lawyers or $100,000

Chapter Twenty-Five: Sterken Wigs Out

Chapter Twenty-Six: Surrounded by Wolves

Chapter Twenty-Seven: In Camera, Out Sanity

Chapter Twenty-Eight: A Lot of Grief, A Little Relief

Chapter Twenty-Nine: One Flew Into The Cuckoo’s Nest

Chapter Thirty: There Is No Joy In Mudville

Chapter Thirty-One: The Extraordinary Fear of Audits

Chapter Thirty-Two: White Knuckles and Holy Water

Chapter Thirty-Three: The Rhinoceros Palace

Chapter Thirty-Four: Caught in the Loon’s Muckle Neb

Chapter Thirty-Five: The Ice Skating Beer Can

Chapter Thirty-Six: The Plante Moran Cover Up

Chapter Thirty-Seven: The Choice Chunk Of Change

Chapter Thirty-Eight: The Demand Letter To Arbortext

Chapter Thirty-Nine: Eff You, Peanutsville

Chapter Forty: Blueberry Bites The Bullet

Chapter Forty-One: Picking Our Poison

Chapter Forty-Two: The Extraordinary Fear of Arbitration

Chapter Forty-Three: The Sprinkling Inkling of Stinky Winky

Chapter Forty-Four: The Blohungusinebriatrocity Factor

Chapter Forty-Five: The Smoking Gun

Chapter Forty-Six: The Toad Ride Ends

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