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Arbortext Royalty Fraud: Chapter One Outtakes

I still vividly remember the day my “friend” and soon-to-be ex-partner Kevin Dwan (see post below) came to my home for our meeting regarding his proposal to buy me out of Blueberry.

He had not been to my house since the day of my wedding ten years earlier. Whenever we got together, it was always I who drove to Sebastopol, in Sonoma County, to visit with him. Most of our correspondence and business took place via the Internet, phones, and faxes. In the early nineties, before Microsoft Windows, the Internet was mostly a Unix based network, with Sun Microsystems the leading player in that world.

I showed him my office, which he surveyed like a nervous rat sniffing out some cheese, then we adjourned to the living room. He marveled at the growth of the white birch trees in the front yard. As he began his spiel, I looked at him and tried to remember the last time I had felt real camaraderie with him. And more to the point, respect for him.

From 1966 to 1983 I respected, admired, and had genuine affection for this man who now sat across from me with his treacherous agenda. We had written letters to each other on a weekly basis during his year long stay as a clerk in Saigon during the Viet Nam War in 1970. He had been drafted and I had not. We both had aspirations of being novelists. We had an intellectual bond and mutual respect that was time-tested and true. We could discuss anything. Anything at all.

It all began to change in 1983 when we began to mix business with friendship. More specifically, he and his wife’s business interests versus his and my business interests. Slowly, but surely, it became less and less of him and me, and more and more of them and me. The poisonous triangle and the competing agendas would have their way.

And now, some seventeen years later, here he and I sat: locked in mortal enmity. And another sad tale of lives and friendship gone awry over the deadly dollar. Free Hit Counter website statistics


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