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Arbortext/Parametric Legal Threats

I’ll post the first leg of our journey next Monday, June 9. I’m not sure how long it will be before anyone finds this blog site, so for now it’s a bit weird writing in a vacuum. Somewhat like talking to yourself as you drive along the highway. Arbortext is definitely going to be displeased with me when they find this blog. Especially Jim Sterken. Knowing him, like I unfortunately do, it’s not hard to envision his head exploding like the heads do in that wonderful old movie called Scanners. Knowing me, like he unfortunately does, it should not come as a surprise, though. I sent him a sneak preview of the opening chapters of my story The Rape of Blueberry a few months back, and asked him if he’d like to make a comment. I did not hear back from him, but two days later I did hear from the parent company of Arbortext, Parametric Technology. Well, not precisely from Parametric, but from their Michigan lawyer Michael Palizzi. It was a short note letting me know that I and my company Blueberry Software would be held fully accountable if I published this story. The note itself can be viewed here. It appears Mr. Palizzi has not been clued in to all the facts or seen all the evidence, or he would not be able to claim my story is untrue. As for defamatory, the truth is always an iron clad defense against that bogus charge. I guess it’s a perfunctory effort to scare me off.

The problem with Palizzi’s threat is that in order to stop me from posting my story, Arbortext/Parametric would have to sue me. If they do that, however, I’ll finally be able to get my evidence in front of a real judge and jury. And get to perform Discovery on Arbortext’s accounting books. So far, they have exhausted every dirty trick in the business to keep this Discovery from happening. I’m not a lawyer, but I suppose I could also file a counter suit. Things could get pretty messy. I’ll keep you posted, one way or the other.



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