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In 1986, I formed a company called Blueberry Software for the purpose of selling an import/export document conversion product called Filtrix. The product was written entirely by yours truly and represented a shining moment of achievement in an otherwise undistinguished life. For the next twenty years, Blueberry rode the roller coaster of the PC industry and the rise to power and domination of Microsoft. Along the way, Blueberry formed contractual alliances with companies such as Corel, Applix, Symantec, Sun Microsystems, and others. In the year 2000, a contractual alliance was formed with a company called Arbortext, which has since been purchased by a company called Parametric Technology.

It is that contract with Arbortext, and its outrageous abuse, which will be examined thoroughly in this space, including many pages of supporting evidence. It is my belief that this story of intellectual property thievery in the software industry is not an isolated occurrence, but rather more like the norm. Hopefully, other victims of these ruthless predators will come forth along the way with their own stories to tell.

The title of this endearing piece will be The Rape of Blueberry. It will be told in narrative form so as to make it slightly more appealing to readers who are not attorneys. I.e., to avoid being deadly boring.
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